Friday, 25 June, 2010

friend on the internet

Friends, below is an original composition of mine of some vintage but still relevant I feel. For your enjoyment, read on.

friend, i've not seen u nor heard u
but ur my buddy, a human like me.
we share views and differences too
we agree and then agree to disagree.
ur color and ur race, ur age and ur gender
matter little in this wondrous new space.
ur 4 and my 2, they make much more than 6
we add our bit and its humanity that knows.
gone r the walls and fences that keep us apart
as r all the bounds
in a jiffy, we r in touch, no waiting, no pain,
no fear, no inhibitions, no rebuke.
why we seek others when we have our own
may be the reason 4 our times - the space shuttles,
the mirs, the rovers on mars.
so keep byting, i'll send u the bits
bye 4 now but save me on the disk.
pramod sharma
Copyright ©2002 pramod chandra sharma

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